The Parish Council has received a proposal from SCC Highways regarding a scope of a review of the Traffic Calming implemented in 2015. This review is reported below:-

Description and Objectives SCC Highways Proposal

In summer 2015 a Small Improvement Scheme was constructed in Templecombe, providing a pedestrian crossing facility near the railway bridge with supportive traffic calming features in the form of priority build-outs and a 20 mph speed limit.  Post construction the scheme has undergone a stage 3 and stage 4 (12 month) road safety audits with only minor items raised, but the community have reported concerns with the scheme, in particular build-out 4.
Community concerns include speeding vehicles racing between build-outs in order to beat the approaching vehicle, failure to give way, noise and congestion as well vehicles striking the bollards on the build-outs as result of poor driving behaviours.
Build-out 1 is reported to cause congestion, build-out 3 is frequently struck and build-out 4 has visibility concerns.

This brief is to commission a review of the existing scheme and identify possible solutions that could be taken forward.
Supportive documentation provided;
Scheme plans, RSA3, RSA4, speed data

The Parish Council is of the view that this proposal does not meet our needs and have written a response you can read on the link below:

Letter to SCC – Traffic Scheme

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