The SSDC Local Plan stage two consultation process closes on 18th September 2019 and any public comments must be given by 5pm on that date

In order to help interested members of the public to give their comments, and after comments made by Parish Councillors at recent ‘drop in ‘sessions, SSDC have provided the following documents to summarise their proposals. The documents below are presented as maps of Templecombe with areas of possible future housing development marked with various comments as to feasibility, size and planning status where possible. In addition there are comments which refer to the rationale used by SSDC to suggest the change in classification of Templecombe to a Village instead of its current position as part of the group of rural settlements. For clarity the Part 1 and Part 2 can be printed as A4 documents and last one is merely a combination of the first two but can be printed as an A3 document.

Abbas and Templecombe map (Part 1)

Abbas and Templecombe map (Part 2)

Abbas and Templecombe map

The Parish Council agreed its response to the proposals at its August meeting after a number of councillors attended the drop in sessions  in various locations. The response can be seen in the note below:-

South Somerset Local Plan Review 2016 – 2036

If you wish to respond to the SSDC proposals then please use the information below

Local Plan Proposals – Feedback needed by 18th September 2019

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