It appears that the Planning Application to build 76 Houses at Manor farm is likely to be discussed by the Area East Committee at their August Meeting. Clearly ay this time it is not possible to know if the meeting will be a face to face meeting or a virtual meeting – details will be made available.

It is still possible for members of the public to comment on this application at the moment but the opportunity to do so will disappear soon. Members of the public can ‘object’, ‘support’ or be neutral in their comments.

At the recent West Street meeting which approved the application the fact that only 30 or so public comments were received was considered a low number of responses from our village of 1500 people.

The application contains a large amount of supporting information prepared by the developers including the type of development being proposed in terms of housing type and numbers, the layout etc. Additionally there are documents which discuss the potential impact on traffic, the environment, archeological issues and affordable housing statements.

If you wish to know more about the application and potentially make a comment as a ‘consultee’, with the same rights as your Parish Council then please use the link below and select the ‘Comments’ heading.

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