From the Chairperson of the School Governors in response to a question raised at Novembers Parish Council

‘Our newly formed Eco Council have introduced a new initiative to school – a clear up campaign. Their intention is for our pupils to take more responsibility for how our school is looked after which fits brilliantly with our value of respect. The first part of this initiative involves children volunteering to take turns tidying up and hoovering their classrooms. The Caretaker still has the same amount of hours each week and this initiative does not save the school any money – in fact we had to buy additional hoovers for the children to use. This activity takes place right at the end of the school day, whilst other pupils are packing their bags and does not impact on their learning time. The Caretaker still checks each classroom daily and cleans on days that children do not undertake the activity. The oldest class does this daily, with the next two younger classes doing it every other day and the youngest class just tidies.’


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