The outline planning application to build 49 houses in West Street, Templecombe will be discussed at the SSDC Area East meeting on Wednesday 13th February. Despite a significant number of objections to the proposal from village residents and the Parish Council the Planning Committee has recommended that the application is approved.

Although there is a significant number of SSDC planning policies identified in the South Somerset Local Plan 2006-2028  which are applicable to building in South Somerset which attempt to regulate how development occurs in rural communities these do not apply because SSDC cannot demonstrate a 5yr housing land supply. This in effect means ,that according to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), there is a presumption that applications will be approved unless ‘ the adverse impacts of the development outweigh the benefits when assessed against other policies taken as a whole’.

The advice from the Planning Committee suggests that there are no such adverse impacts.

West Street Planning committee report

Councillor William Wallace and District Councillor Hayward Burt are our representatives on the Area East Committee and it could help if they were aware of residents views before the meeting on 13th February. Their contact details are available below

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