Information on the Planning Process

The Parish Council has developed a document intended to aid the understanding within the Parish of how the planning process operates. Key issues mentioned in the document include:-

  • How is a Planning Application publicised?
  • What is the role of the Parish Council in the process and how does that compare with an individual?
  • What are grounds for objection to an application?
  • What are not grounds for objection to an application?
  • Policy related to industry expansion in a rural environment
  • Policy related to Housing in a rural environment.

Every member of the public has a right to comment on a planning application. The document link below gives a brief summary of the process and also an insight as to the type of issues which are grounds for objection and perhaps more importantly those issues which areĀ notĀ grounds for objection.

Planning in the Parish

Normally the Parish Council gets a relatively short time to respond to a Planning Application due to a legal duty placed on the Planning Authority, in this case SSDC, to process all applications within a specified time. If you wish for your views to be included in the Parish Council considerations before it has to respond to any application contact the Parish Council either by letter, email to the Clerk using the contacts page on the website or attend the meeting at which the application will be discussed.

Individuals who wish to comment on an application can do so either directly on the SSDC website (see the link below) or by writing direct to the Planning Officer

SSDC have published a set of guidelines which show how to navigate the newly updated Planning Portal. Please download the pdf below

Additional Guidance for Planning Application Searches Guide

To enter the SSDC Planning Website please click on the link below



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