The Parish Council has made proposals to change the Traffic Calming Scheme in the village. We have asked our advisors Cotswold Transport Planning (CTP) to develop an alternative to the current scheme whilst retaining the light controlled crossing under the railway bridge. The proposals have been sent to Somerset County Highways and a meeting has been arranged to discuss them.

The full proposal is attached to this note with indicative pictures of the scheme ( the pictures used date from the situation prior to the scheme implementation and if the proposed scheme is progressed full construction drawings would need to be developed).

In summary the advice from CTP is as follows:

Travelling in the direction from Wincanton to Yenston starting at the entrance to the village:-

  • Remove Build Out 1 back to the original kerb but retain the pedestrian crossing and dropped kerbs.
  • Remove Build Out 2 back to the original kerb but retain the pedestrian crossing and dropped kerbs
  • Retain Build Out 3 but make it larger and more visible, set back the give way lines.
  • Remove Build Out 4 but retain sufficient protection for the exits from the White Cottages

By removing the current centre lines, narrowing the carriageway appearance and keeping vehicles mostly on their own side of the road speeds have been shown to decrease.

Full details are available below:-

Traffic Calming Proposal – click on link


Build Out 1 – The Hamlet

Build Out 2 – Slades Hill

Build Out 3 – Church Hill

Build Out 4 viewed looking South

Build Out 4 looking North

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