Due to planned work on behalf of BT in East Street Templecombe there will be restrictions to traffic flow in the Yew  Tree are of the High Street on the Wednesday 13th November 2019. The work is scheduled to take one day and in order to protect the workforce traffic light control will utilised. The Parish council asked for clarification on the following issues:-

  1. The location of the traffic lights in the narrowest part of the High Street 
  2. Would the placement of the proposed traffic light control interfere with the operation of the crossing under the railway bridge
  3. Would HGV’s be prevented from using Yarn Barton as a bypass of the traffic controls.

We have had the following response to our questions:-

  1. The traffic control will be placed in the widest part of the High Street.
  2. The proposed traffic control will not affect the crossing under the railway bridge.
  3. HGV’s using Yarn Baton as a cut through is seen as too far from the proposed work site.

Additionally they will use two TMO’s on site during the work monitoring the scheme and giving priority to HGV’s.

The details of the work and the associated map can be found using the following links

TRO notice

TTRO-Temporary Traffic Restrictions – A357 High Street and Easy Street Templecombe (1)


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