At the Special Regulation Committee meeting yesterday the Planning Application for 49 houses at Coombe Farm, West Street was approved.

Despite County Councillor William Wallace, District Councillor Hayward Burt, the Vice Chairman of the Parish Council and a number of other contributors all speaking against the development the committee voted to approve the application. The vote was 8 in favour and 6 against.

The main reason for approving the application is that SSDC’s own planning procedures are regarded as out of date due to their inability to provide a 5 year housing land supply. As a consequence of this there is huge pressure to approve ‘sustainable’ development unless it can be shown that the ‘potential harm’ caused by a development significantly outweighs its benefits.

In addition, each application needs to be assessed on its own merits. The fact that Abbas and Templecombe currently have a number of different applications for in excess of 200 houses, the cumulative impact of them is not taken into account.

Lastly, although approximately 30 individuals in our community made their concerns known to the authorities it was mentioned that this accounted for a small percentage of the village and could not fully represent public opinion.

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